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20191212 Gift Story Jam - IMG_0085
Janet shares what it was like preparing for her first show, the reaction of her friends and the tip that helped her nail her story.
Will Spargur
Storytelling Workshop
Many people see storytelling as a valuable skill, but they are terrified of telling a story before a group of people. If you follow a process, anyone can tell a great story.
Will Spargur
Stage Fright
For many of our storytellers our story jam is the first time they have ever told a story on stage. Dealing with nervousness is what we do.
Will Spargur
Jeff Frenster
We caught up with Jeff Frenster, one of our corporate clients and later a veteran of our stage, to find out what he thought about Beyond Borders Storytelling's corporate offerings. Here's what he had to say.
Justina Wu
Many storytellers fear forgetting their story on stage. Here's some tips on keeping your story straight and what to do when you forget.
Will Spargur
20170719 Practice Jam IMG_2385
Although many people causally break into stories quite naturally in everyday life, getting on stage to tell a story is stressful and far from a natural feeling. Here are four fundamental elements to preparing and telling a story on stage.
Will Spargur
Jen Lo
We went behind the scenes to learn about Beyond Borders newbie Jenn Lo's storytelling journey. Find out why this professional facilitator and coach chickened out of our workshop, and why storytelling is, to her, "Toastmasters on steroids."
Will Spargur
20181016 Demons Story Jam IMG_5322
When Adriana Calambas signed up for our workshop she never thought she'd end up on stage a few weeks later at our Demons Story Jam. Adriana shares how she challenged her fears.
Will Spargur
20161213 Home Story Jam Piano Fight IMG_4485
Felicia told her first story with us at our August jam and joined us again in December to share how another story challenged everything she thought she knew. She shares how she applied the lessons from her first jam to develop her second story.
Will Spargur
20151020 Taboo Jam Sue 06
Sue Castle's son, Nick, passed away from an illness while serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in China in 2013. Although much has been reported in the news about Nick's death Sue came to Beyond Borders to tell her story in her own voice.
Will Spargur
I was very nervous. The nervousness built up to where ten minutes before my performance I was plotting ways to get out.
Will Spargur
Sharing this story from my time in Peace Corps gave me a chance to reflect on my experiences and think about what has changed over the years since I returned.
Will Spargur
I had been to story jams, but saw all these guys are so young and I didn't know if my experiences were relevant. Then I thought because my experience was different I wanted to share it.
Will Spargur
Megan McMahon shares her first experience storytelling and what was her biggest surprise
Will Spargur