Beyond Borders Storytelling

Stories for Wanderlusting Adventurers.


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Ian Lovejoy: Holiday Irony
Every year Ian struggles to find a Christmas present for his wife. One year he's convinced he's come up with the perfect gift. Watch Now>>
Adriana Calambas: The Quest
A woman in search of her dreams at Grace Cathedral cannot seem to fall asleep. Watch Now>>
Nicky Zhou: Papa's and Mama's only child
Growing up as an only child in China, Nicky yearns for freedom so badly she's willing to jump out of a plane. Watch Now>>
Caleb Dardick: Baksheesh or No Baksheesh
A run in with the law makes an adventurous family vacation through Turkey just a bit too exciting. Watch Now>>
Mike Sela: Two of Clubs
It can be lonely at the top so Mike stacks the deck to find a friend.. Watch Now>>
Jennifer Lo: Where's the Chow?
A woman thinks she's found Mr. Right, but starts to think their relationship is being held back by his mysterious second child, whom she's never met. Watch Now>>
Thomas Sorensen: Monkey Island
A Christmas vacation in Vietnam turns potentially life-threatening when monkeys mistake a man's backpack for a box of chocolates.  Watch Now>>
Jay Nunes: Smell of Loneliness
A man is haunted by pupusas during a long bus ride in El Salvador...  Watch Now>>
20171011 Between Worlds Story Jam IMG_5963 Tara Yudenfreund Oblivion
A woman travels to Zimbabwe and encounters creamy white buttocks, a devil’s toilet bowl, and the gnashing jaws of death...  Watch Now>>
20171011 Between Worlds Story Jam IMG_5963 Faruk Ates: Love First
An identity crisis opens a man's eyes to the wisdom of a treasured cat..  Watch Now>>
20171011 Between Worlds Story Jam IMG_5963 Aparna Jayaraman: Pride
Survival instincts and local vocabulary kick in when a group of Americans find themselves in an unknown village in Lesotho..  Watch Now>>
20171011 Between Worlds Story Jam IMG_5963 Cat Cvengros: I the Pretty
In the land of the most beautiful women on earth Cat trades in her TEVAs for an Armenian makeover..  Watch Now>>
20171011 Between Worlds Story Jam IMG_5924 Rahul Sansi: BEAR!
A car salesman, a bottle of French champagne and a bear, if you’re confused Rahul Sansi has a perfectly good explanation how they relate.  Watch Now>>
20170809 Plan B Story Jam Arindam IMG_3492 Arindam Jha: Lost and Found
A road trip to Hoover Dam and Lake Mead introduces Arindam Jha to the perils of the desert and the possibility that his girlfriend was right.  Watch Now>>
20170620 Unexpected Story Jam PianoFight IMG_1404 Giuseppe Bonaventura: Wild Card
Every now and then we open up a wild card slot where audience members throw their name in a hat for a chance at 5 minutes at the mic.  Watch Now>>
20170412 Foolish Story Jam IMG_8997 Brad Williams: Amazing Grace
In Peru, mealtime was always a test of Brad's Spanish-speaking abilities. But one day his host family asks a question he must answer in English..  Watch Now>>


Felicia Leigh: Wicked Little Town
Felicia is surprised by the family appeal of Hedwig and the Angry Inch.  Watch Now>>




Allan Reed: Water Follows Us Home
Each time Allan tries to move his family to a new Foreign Service post, water seems to be a problem.  Watch Now>>




Janet Allen: Be Sure to Lock the Door
One hot night in Sierra Leone, Janet leaves all the doors open hoping to catch a faint breeze. A voice in her head says: You should shut the door. But she doesn't.  Watch Now>>




Zoe Meraz: Delirious Tremors
Zoe has second thoughts about biking for hours under a hot Nevada sun just to see the moon rise. Watch Now>>




Patty Polpattana: SOTUS
Back 2001 Patty tried to gain a place in her University's engineering club. As a freshman university student in engineering she experience a male dominated world much different than her all girls high school. Watch Now>>




Sarah Hunt "The Hitchhiking Gods"
In "The Hitchhiking Gods," Sarah Hunt recalls the time she and her partner Matt hitchhiked from Madrid to Prague. On the way they learned the art of waiting, the science of getting rides, and a little about the mysteries of human nature. Watch Now>>




Justina Wu: Fattening up the Dogs
In "Fattening Up the Dogs," Justina recounts her brief foray into international diplomacy during a ride in a dump truck with a culturally diverse crew of construction workers. Watch Now>>




Cat Cvengros: Newton’s Cradle
In "Newton's Cradle," Cat tells of the search for the ultimate spa day, and finds that all the scrubbing reveals what lay in her future instead. Watch Now>>




Vern Phillips: Rumble in the Jungle Meets Rumble in My Heart
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Janet Allen: The Summoning in the Night
After more than a year in Sierra Leone, Janet had adjusted well to the diet and daily rituals of her village; then came a Summoning in the Night... Watch Now>>





Ellie Adelman: The Food Dance
From her seat around the family food bowl, Ellie got a glimpse into the beautiful, the strange, and the sometimes scary traditions of Gambian food culture.... Watch Now>>




Will Spargur: The Little Girl and the Apple Core
After surviving his first year as a Math and Science teacher at a small rural Secondary School in Swaziland Will thinks he has finally settled into his new community until a little girl schools the teacher and he realizes not all is sunny skies and green veld.... Watch Now>>




Sue Castle: The Phone Call
Sue's son Nick was a curious, idealistic young man. He had big dreams and a zest for life. It seemed natural that he decided to join the Peace Corps, and in 2012 he left for China. It was a decision that would change Sue’s life forever.... Watch Now>>




Hillary Braseth: Black Magic and White Motorcyles
Hilary returned from Guinea last year and is still readjusting to life in the US. She still has an inexplicable desire to move back to West Africa and spend the rest of her life there. It's as if someone cast a spell on her. In fact, she thinks that's probably exactly what happened.... Watch Now>>





Portia Boykin: The Best of Both Worlds
Portia was so excited to receive her Peace Corps invitation in the mail. She tore open the big blue envelope and saw the word ECUADOR highlighted in bold letters. She immediately thought "the jungle"... Watch Now>>





Scott Sanders: Your basic Car Accident Gypsy Kidnapping Insane Asylum Kafka LSD kinda story
A 20 year old's most memorable yet completely unrememberable experience in Yugoslavia & Greece. Watch Now>>





Allan Reed: Don't Tell Mom About the Animals
Allan reluctantly told Mom about his travels to a war zone, but didn't mention his animal adventures. Watch Now>>





Tina Martin: I Want to Marry Three Men
When Tina at the age of twelve, told her mother she wanted to marry three men for cross-cultural purposes, her mother thought that sounded good. Watch Now>>





Jenny Alton: You Should Tell Mom
This was not an uncommon reminder from Jenny's father and it became more urgent after he read an email she sent upon her arrival with her host family. Watch Now>>





Craig Berger: The Hippos in and Around the Mono River 
Four Peace Corps Volunteers prepared for the perfect outdoor adventure. All they needed to do was to heed the local's. warnings... Watch Now>>





Karen Drachler : Yoga Cat
A yoga demonstration goes horribly wrong.
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Jonny Styron: Did He Just Say What I Think He Said?
Speaking chinglish and morals about not being afraid to open your mouth.
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Marisa Huber: Sex and Tell and Tell and Tell
The good life on a luxury yacht is interrupted by an unplanned something.
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Shinita Garza: Fire? What Fire
After two years in Kenya Shinita struggles with readjustment with a little help from the fire department. 
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Roy Schachter: Gateway to Freedom
When Roy worked at Guantanamo Bay it was know as the Gateway to Freedom.
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Frank Price: Winning is Everything
Frank takes a small town basketball team to the national championships in Cote D'Ivoire. Defeat is not an option.
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Megan McMahon: The Great American Dance
A cultural mashup of traditional Bolivian dance and Motown leads to a whole new dance.
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