Beyond Borders Storytelling

Stories for Wanderlusting Adventurers.


Justina Wu
Justina Wu is a writer, storyteller, grammar nerd and spelling bee runner-up. In addition to producing and hosting Beyond Borders Story Jams, she has told stories at Spontaneous Storytelling Oakland, MUNI Diaries, San Francisco Arts Festival, Speakeasy Storytelling, Tiny Garage Storytelling, San Francisco Diaries Podcast, and Better Luck Next Time: Stories of Epic Fails. She believes everyone has experiences worth sharing, and loves helping people find their authentic voice. A native of Houston, TX, she has lived in Kenya, Thailand, Chicago, New York and Arcata, CA--with plenty of crazy stories to prove it--but is glad to have found her heart in San Francisco.


Will Spargur
Six years ago Will Spargur was writing the stories of returned Peace Corps Volunteers for the monthly newsletter of the Northern California Peace Corps Association.    Volunteers were sharing so many amazing experiences that he wanted to give them the opportunity to tell their stories in their own voices.  In September 2013 he organized his first story jam and was instantly hooked. Over the last six years he has trained hundreds of storytellers who've gone on to surprise friends, family, and most of all themselves with the thrill of engaging an audience--making them laugh, cry and reflect upon the experiences that make us who we are. 

In 2013 Will co-founded and managed the Global Presenters Program for the Northern California Peace Corps Association.  The Program trained returned Peace Corps Volunteers and organized speaking events with schools and community groups where the Volunteers talked about the countries where they served.  By 2016 the program had a part time employee, a first for the organization, and organized 118 events engaging 101 volunteers speaking to nearly 3,000 people across Northern California.
Will has also produce several programs for the International Relations Member Lead Forum of the Commonwealth Club of California.


Megan McMahon
Megan McMahon spent 10 years teaching, entertaining, and running the show in a middle school classroom and truly understands the value of being able to tell a good story (adding a couple dance moves doesn’t hurt). A former Peace Corps volunteer, a former art director, and a former gourmet hot dog retailer, she brings a diverse background and definite enthusiasm to the storytelling experience. Megan fell in love with live storytelling in 2014, and the romance hasn’t ended-- believing that a good story has multiple layers of meaning, it not only creates connections with the audience, but provides the teller the opportunity to deeply reflect on their experiences.