Beyond Borders Storytelling

Stories for Wanderlusting Adventurers.

Storytelling Workshops

Due to the COVID-19 situation all March and April events have been Cancelled. We will continue to follow the news and monitor public health guidance to ensure we are making the best decisions to protect the health and well-being of our storytellers, staff, audiences and community. Join us on Facebook or Subscribe to our newsletter for updates.

You don’t need to have walked on the moon or traveled the world to have a great story. We started Beyond Borders Storytelling because we know that everyone has a great story and with a little coaching, they can tell that great story.

We will show you how to use this powerful tool to connect with audiences to inspire, motivate and convey complex ideas in a memorable way.

You will learn how to hook an audience; bring your story to life with color and humor; what parts to keep and what to discard; use tension to keep people on the edge of their seats; and wrap up with a satisfying ending. If you already have a great story but are nervous about telling it on stage, we’ll help you calm your nerves and sound natural.

In addition to our workshops we provide coaching on stories you are currently working on and provide opportunities to gain hands on experience before live audiences at our very popular story jams.

One-on-one Coaching/Organizational Training
We also offer custom workshops, one-on-one coaching and events for organizations and individuals. Contact us for details